Project Planning and Consulting

Modern building systems have a large number of components that need to communicate with internal and external resources. While many contractors are familiar with how their own systems operate, they do not understand the effect their systems have on other devices, or on your facility's operations. We can provide a valuable link between all these different systems and assist with planning how these systems will be organized, installed and managed.

We can provide design and layout services for data closets or other centralized equipment locations to be sure contractors have the space they need to install your building management, security, networking infrastructure and audiovisual systems in an efficient manner. These areas are often overlooked by architects and contractors during construction and are left up to the individual contractors to work out. It is essential for these systems to be properly planned to make future operation and maintenance of your facility efficient and cost effective.

We can also review heat loading, ventilation, lighting and electrical requirements to be sure you have the proper mechanical systems in place to support your operations. With proper planning, you'll have an efficient, easily managed facility for years to come.