All our projects are custom designed and specific to each client’s needs. Past projects have included many types of facilities in a wide range of industries. Highlights of these include:


C-Suites, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Lobby Displays, Training Rooms, Collaboration Rooms, Fitness Centers


Conference Rooms, Operations Centers, Mobile Command Vans, Museums, Libraries, Park District Facilities, Public Meeting Spaces

House of Worship

Video Recording and Streaming, Computer Display


Classrooms, Wet Labs, Interactive Teaching Facilities


Luxury Homes

These projects have included the following types of systems

  Computer displays for Meeting Rooms
  Digital signage displays
  Audio and video collaboration systems (Videoconferencing, Teleconferencing)
  Classroom multimedia audiovisual systems.
  Environmental audio systems (background music)
  Multimedia training rooms with recording and remote participant options
  Multi-Display Emergency Operations Centers
  Interactive teaching labs
  Museum presentation rooms
  Multi-participant collaboration rooms and meeting spaces
  Informational displays in public facilities, aquatic centers, Park District facilities
  Audio and Video Streaming and Recording systems
  Paging systems
  Voice reinforcement audio systems

Due to privacy and security concerns, our clients wish to remain confidential.