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Signature Sound

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Signature Sound by J. Tandy Designs business music service includes a wide range of business friendly music channels covering a variety of music styles and genres. With no commercials or other interruptions, you get the music you want at an affordable price. Signature Sound is offered with no long term commitment and payment terms are simple with quarterly or annual billing options.

Signature Sound Music Service:
Quarterly: $88.00*
Annual: $345.00*

Signature Sound music service is delivered through a small table top Internet tuner. It features five favorite-channel presets, a built in preview speaker, wired and wireless Internet connections, front panel and wireless remote controls. This tuner makes listening to your favorite channel simple.**

Music Box

Internet Streaming Tuner Pricing:
$179.00 when purchased with quarterly billing
$159.00 when purchased with annual billing

* Initial bill will be pro-rated for service until your next billing date.
** High-speed Internet connection with 5mbps minimum download speed required